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08/19/2010 - from Jonathan Sturdivant, Sports Director- & The SkyBox Broadcasting International Network, Bartlett, Tennessee:  Interview with Bartlett High School head Football Coach, Bobby Armbruster-Bartlett, Tennessee:

1.  Talk a little about the Bartlett Football schedule for this year.  The schedule is very challenging, especially the first four games... Bolton, Brighton, Millington, and Houston! I think those schools speak for themselves as far as good football is concerned! If we survive those games, we could have a pretty good season.

2.  Who are some of the key players to watch this season?   Offense- QB Chuck Seagle; RB’s- DeAndre Thompson and Coley Sontag; WR’s- A.J. McCants, Gene Nolen; LINE- Steven Eddings and Marlon Valentin; Defense- LINE Dylan Nuccio and Terry Green; LB’s- Jesse Brereton, Tre Davis, and Jamaal Cain; CS- Chance Keely; DB’s- Gene Nolen and LaDarrius Ross.

3.  How many starters are returning on both sides of the ball? Offense: 5 / Defense: 3

4.  Would you want to open the season every year playing Bolton?  I think it is a great way to start the season! The students from both schools have the opportunity to really get into the swing of the season with us playing each other! It should be a great crowd; a great atmosphere! It will give both teams an idea of where they are as well. The only downside I can see is that it is a big, big district game. It would be nice to be able to have a game under your belt before playing a district game.

5.  What do you feel are the positives of the team this year?  Team unity. The team unity is great! Also, we have more depth than in my previous years at Bartlett. The team’s work ethic is really, really good. They have a great attitude as well!

6.  What do you see are this team's weaknesses?  We have a very young, very inexperienced team.

7.  Talk about Bartlett's opponent this Friday, the Bolton Wildcats.  I don’t know a whole lot about them, other than they will play very, very hard and that they are very well coached. Coach Welch and his staff do a great job, every year, with his team! They will be well prepared and will not make many mistakes.

8.  What are your expectations for this season? I hope to improve every week.  I think the play-offs are a real possibility, as the kids got a taste of what that is like last year.

9.  What is the difference in the team this year and in past years?  I would have to say the depth factor and the overall team attitude.

08/16/2010from Jonathan Sturdivant, Sports & The SkyBox Broadcasting International Network, Bartlett, Tennessee:  Interview with Bolton High School head Football Coach, Joe Welch-Bolton, Tennessee:

 1. What have you learned about your program since becoming the head Football coach at Bolton?
We have a great school that supports its football team. I have been lucky to have great players, parents and administration.

 2. How many starters do you return on both sides of the ball?
Offense: 4    Defense: 3

 3.What do you think is the difference between the team this year and last?
Our numbers are smaller as a reflection of our lower enrollment numbers. In the 6 years I have been here, our school has decreased by 400-500 students. Our attitude is really good and the players seem to be willing to do what it takes to win.

 4. What are your goals for this upcoming season?
 We want to be in the hunt for the regional championship and make the play-offs. Our goal is to win in November.

. What are your weaknesses for this upcoming season?
Inexperience at key positions, especially defense.
 6. What do you think are your positives for this season?
 We have some exciting players on offense and a good offensive line.  Defensively our secondary might be the best we have had. Our attitude has been great.

7. Do you think the Bartlett vs Bolton game should be the first game every year like this year?  If it works out with our schedules I would not mind playing first but would hate to give up the flexibility in scheduling. It was a good move this time because the original date was fall break which is a week long this year. If the crowd is as big and excited as I think it will be, then it might be something we need to look at.

8. Talk about the move with CJ Marshall going to running back.
We are excited about CJ at Tailback, he is a game breaker and will have more opportunities at that position. He is a natural runner and with Daniel McNatt emerging at quarterback, it was the smart thing to do.





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